Will Cats Kill Chickens?

Depending on the breed of chicken, feral cats are a possibility, but not always. Even if they aren’t allowed to hunt, cats can kill chickens. Learn how to train a cat to stay out of chicken yards, or read on for tips on how to keep a cat from killing your chickens. We’ve all wondered will cats kill chickens, but it’s important to understand that your pet is vulnerable.

Feral cats

It’s possible to protect your chicks from feral cats by putting them in a cage or using a cat-proof fence. Feral cats are not always averse to chickens. They will often watch your flock, and eventually kill them. If you’re worried about your chickens being attacked, keep them away from your cat, especially if they’re young, small, or sick.

Even though chickens aren’t suited to fight off these predators, it’s still better to protect them than allow them to suffer. Generally, cats won’t harm a full-grown chicken, but they may chase them and kill them if they don’t have a chance to defend their hens. It’s best to keep baby chicks away from cats until they’re old enough to be around them.

Feral cats allowed to hunt birds

Feral cats have long been a controversial topic. While most states and the federal government classify them as domesticated animals, they are often not considered invasive. They fall under the jurisdiction of animal control agencies. This practice not only causes a lot of damage to birds and native wildlife, but it is also cruel to the animals. Fortunately, some states have recently adopted laws to prevent the cats from killing wildlife. Despite this fact, the cat lobby continues to be a powerful force in the animal world.

Although feral cats may be seen as wildlife, their presence can be harmful to your yard. For instance, open flower beds can become breeding grounds for unwanted kittens, and trees can be used as territorial markers by spraying males. Additionally, roaming cats can carry diseases and transmit fleas to people, including small children. It’s best to keep feral cats in confined spaces. If your cat does decide to move in with your pet, consider getting him neutered.

Training a cat to be around chickens

Train your cat to be around chickens by creating a small space for supervised contact. A kitten has a lower likelihood of hurting a full-grown hen. They also lack the finely-honed predator instinct that older cats have. Outdoor cats spend a great deal of time hunting small creatures and have plenty of experience in doing so. It’s best to introduce your new chicken friends slowly so they don’t get scared.

Introduce your cat to the chickens slowly in phases. Using a fence, gradually introduce the two creatures. First, get them used to the chicken’s scent. Once you’ve gotten them both accustomed to each other, introduce them face-to-face. Be sure to monitor their behavior. Make sure to keep a cat toy handy to distract them from the chickens. After several days, you can move on to introducing them to one another.

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