Why Your Cat is Crying at Night

why cat is crying at night

There are many reasons your cat is crying at night, from boredom to old age or thyroid issues. Whatever the reason, you shouldn’t ignore these nighttime yowls. It could be trying to tell you something, and you should investigate further. Here are some tips for understanding the reason behind your cat’s yowling. Listed below are a few causes of your cat’s nighttime howling.

Your cat is looking for a mate

When your cat yowls at night, chances are, it is searching for a mate. Cats will rub against furniture, doorways, and ankles while they are in heat, and they may spend more time grooming their genital area. If they are outside, they will roam the house spreading their scent in hopes of meeting a receptive male. If you notice that your cat is yowling at night, it may be time to neuter it.

Female cats enter their heat cycle during the night when they are in estrus, which lasts anywhere from one to seven days. While this phase is not a serious threat to cats, it is important to note that it is not uncommon for female cats to go into heat again until they are spayed. The heat cycle can repeat itself up to three times a year, and if you notice your cat laying eggs or urinating in your house, it is likely in heat.

She’s looking for a mate

If you think your cat is crying at night, she’s probably looking for a mate. Cats are naturally social creatures who want to be around their owners as much as possible, so they might be distressed by being away from you at night. Other problems, such as age, can increase your cat’s frustration and anxiety. A consultation with a veterinarian may help you determine if this is the reason for your cat’s nighttime crying.

Felines can be very feisty during the daytime, but this behavior is not normal when they are in heat. Cats are naturally nocturnal creatures and most active at dusk and dawn. Their deep hunting instincts kick into gear at these times. Even during the day, cats may start crying because they want to play with you or get some attention. Cats in heat are also notorious for making loud, high-pitched yowls at night. Cats will do this to attract attention from nearby tomcats.

She’s stressed

You might think your cat is meowing at night because she’s bored, unstimulated, or wants to go outside. However, some cats will yowl during the night in an effort to attract a mate or scare away competitors. If your cat yowls at night, she may be suffering from thyroid or kidney disease. Your vet can help you determine the exact cause of her crying.

One of the most common causes of cat stress is a new pet, a big move, or a new living situation. Make sure to observe your cat and look for any other signs of stress. If she does appear to be stressed, give her extra attention, such as some extra TLC. You can also give her quiet time in her favorite place, such as a cozy chair. If your cat continues to cry at night, she may be suffering from stress.

She’s hungry

You may wonder why your cat keeps crying at night. It could be boredom, seeking attention, or reassurance. There are many other reasons why your cat may wake up early: food, companionship, and attention. If you suspect your cat is up before you are, consult a veterinarian. Your cat may be suffering from an underlying medical problem. Excessively vocalizations and restless behavior can be symptoms of thyroid disease.

If you are not sure whether your cat is meowing because she’s hungry, check her meows to rule out medical conditions. It may also be a signal of a psychological issue. Cats need to eat to get nutrients, but overeating is the opposite of good health. If your cat is constantly meowing for attention, it’s probably an indication of something wrong. If your cat has an underlying medical issue or is experiencing psychological issues, seek help as soon as possible.