Why is My Cat Not Peeing in the Litter Box?

why cat not peeing in litter box

If your cat does not use the litter box, it may be because of stress or a medical condition. Other causes may include age-related disease, Endocrine disease, and fear of the outdoors. It is important to note, however, that WebMD does not provide medical advice. Listed below are some solutions for your cat not using the litter box. If none of these remedies seem to be working, consider some of the other possible causes.


The first step to fix stress-induced cat peeing outside the litter box is to find out the source of the problem. Stress is a common cause of unwanted behavior in cats. It can lead to widespread house scratching and conflict with your kitty. Cats need to feel secure and familiar in order to relieve themselves of stress. However, they may have different reasons for marking outside the litter box. Listed below are some solutions that may help you fix stress-induced cat peeing outside the litter box.

Endocrine disease

If your cat is soiling the litter box more often than usual, this could be an indication of a medical condition. A cat may associate the litter box with pain and so avoid it, using soft surfaces like the floor instead. Another cause of excessive soiling may be a medical condition affecting the joints and muscles. These conditions may cause discomfort, stiffness, or weakness in the body.

Age-related disease

Many factors may contribute to your cat not peeing in the litter box. Medical conditions that affect the nerves, muscles and joints can contribute to inappropriate urination and frequent trips to the litter box. If your cat is having trouble with defecation, they may associate the litter box with discomfort. This causes them to urinate more frequently and cause accidents. Aside from these conditions, your cat may also be suffering from cognitive issues or joint problems.

Fear of going outside

The fear of going outside is a major factor in not peeing in the litter box, especially if your cat has recently been introduced to the outdoors. The scents they leave behind in your home can be a sign that new cats are not welcome in your home. If your cat is a female, she may have a tendency to scent mark your house. If she smells something that will make you uncomfortable, she may seek out a place that is less stressful.

Stress can cause cats to urinate outside the litter box

If you notice your cat peeping outside the litter box, you may need to take some steps to prevent it. This behavior is normal, but it may be indicative of something else. Several causes exist, including medical problems and stress. Consult with a cat behaviorist to learn more about the cause of this behavior. Here are some tips to prevent it: