Which Cat Breed is the Smartest? Five Reasons Why Your New Pet is So Smart

what cat breed is the smartest

There is no denying that cats are smart – their brain structure is very similar to that of humans and other intelligent animals. They can even school the neighborhood dog! But some cat breeds are simply smarter than others. Read on to find out which breed is the smartest! And you might even consider adopting one! Here are the top five reasons why your new pet is so smart –


According to a recent survey, the Abyssinian cat breed is among the top 10 smartest cats. This is no surprise, considering that the Abyssinians are highly intelligent, playful, and inquisitive. They love to climb, jump, and investigate things around them. Because they’re so smart, they make great pets for families. If you have young children or other pets, Abyssinians get along with other pets.

A well-rounded personality and excellent social skills make the Abyssinian a great companion. They enjoy spirited playtime with their owners. They’re always on the go and are extremely keen observers. Their soft churrups are also excellent ways to communicate. This sociable cat can be trained to walk on a harness. Some Abyssinians have kneecap dislocation, and surgery may be needed to correct this.


There are many ways to train your Siamese cat, but you’ll never have to worry about a cat being dumb. Just be sure to give your new pet plenty of positive reinforcement! Siamese cats are also known for their great jump skills, making them excellent jumping companions. They also enjoy interactive play with toys, including balls and feathers. They’re also great at playing puzzle games and hunting boxes. They even make up their own games! Besides being great jumpers, Siamese also like to play with toys, including puzzle games, and will often wait patiently for humans to pass by before playing. You may also notice them engaging in compulsive behavior, such as self-licking.

Aside from being incredibly social, Siamese cats are also exceptionally smart. They learn to recognize and respond to human voices and other stimuli, and they’re excellent listeners. They develop strong bonds with their owners, and they enjoy interacting with children and seniors alike. They also have excellent short-term memory, allowing them to recall information up to 16 hours ago. Siamese cats often don’t recognize treats hidden in front of them, which is a sign of their superior intelligence.

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora cat is a unique breed with a deep-seated sense of humor. Its mischievous nature makes it a great companion for children. While it will put your dog in his place, this breed of cat also gets along with other animals. Because of its intelligence and boundless energy, the Turkish Angora is also an excellent choice for agility work. To become a member of this breed, you must know the history of the breed and its origin.

The Turkish Angora cat has a small head, wide-set ears, and large almond-shaped eyes. The eyes of this breed are amber, green, or blue. Some Turkish Angoras have a heterochromatic eye color pattern. They are very intelligent and enjoy playing with other cats, but they can handle being left alone for several hours. While they are independent and like attention, they can be prone to getting into trouble if they are left unsupervised.


According to M. Leanne Lilly, assistant professor at Ohio State University, the Burmese cat breed is the smartest of all domestic cats. This chocolate-colored cat is very friendly and active, and their personalities tend to be very social. Although they do not tend to be very clingy, Burmese cats do require daily play and stimulation. Unlike other breeds, Burmese cats are not prone to being scared of strangers and are happy being around people.

The Burmese cat breed is a popular choice for non-cat owners. Their playful personalities and innate sense of humor make them ideal pets for people who do not like cats. Their “dog-like” personalities make them great pets for non-cat lovers. In fact, they are so smart that they can even teach you new tricks. The Burmese cat is a fun-loving companion, and they love to be petted.