Where to Massage Your Cat

where to massage your cat

There are many benefits of giving your cat a good massage, but not all of them are obvious. Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of the Effleurage and Petrissage techniques, and what your cat will love most about them. Once you’ve tried these, your cat is sure to become more relaxed and contented! After all, cats love human contact! Plus, cat massages have other health benefits, too!


If you want to massage your cat and relax it, you should try petrissage. This technique is best for cats that are averse to movement. It mechanically stimulates their muscles, increasing their tone and range of motion. In addition, a relaxed cat is more likely to accept joint mobility movements, such as flexing its legs, toes, and knees. This massage method is also very effective in relieving tense muscles in cats.

A variation of petrissage is called skin rolling. It involves pinching the cat’s fur between your fingers and rolling it from the tip of each limb to the torso. This technique also improves circulation, as it releases adherence of skin to deeper tissues. You can also use your finger to apply pressure to the ears and the back of the cat’s neck. The cat will be able to feel the difference and will probably want to try it out!


To give your cat a massage, you should learn the correct technique first. Effleurage is an easy massage method that is similar to the way humans massage their own bodies. Essentially, you should use your palms to stroke your cat’s back and legs, slowly and gently, in a circular motion toward the heart. The key to the technique is to avoid pulling or pinching the hair, and never touch any lumps or areas of infection.

Effleurage is a French term for “light touch,” and it is the principal stroke of the massage. It can be applied to any part of the body, including bony areas and the head. This massage technique requires using one or both hands, stroking the body in a circular motion. It helps warm up the body, increases circulation, and removes toxins and fluids. It is a simple yet effective technique.


If you want to give your cat the ultimate scratching experience, then try massaging the tailbone of your cat. Unlike humans, cats don’t have strong immune systems, and they don’t always like to be touched. Massage this spot with light to medium pressure and use your palm. If you’re not sure where to begin, start with the base of the tailbone and work your way up to the neck. Then, increase pressure and turn the massage into a big scratch!

This stretch helps to relax the muscles around the tailbone and lower back, relieving any tension. First, lie face down on the floor. Place your elbows under your shoulders. Next, place your right leg on the floor and the left knee across your right leg. Then, put your right hand on your left knee and press your palm downward. While holding this position, make sure to keep your left shoulder in contact with the floor. Repeat this stretch several times and hold for a few seconds.