Where is Big Cat Rescue?

Where is Big Cat Rescue?

You may be wondering where is Big Cat Rescue. Well, the organization is a non-profit educational and social advocacy group that helps abused and abandoned big cats. They are currently raising funds through the sale of merchandise and aren’t taking any new employees at this time. Whether or not they’ll open their doors again is still uncertain. You can learn more about the organization below. It’s definitely worth checking out. You’ll be glad you did.

Big Cat Rescue is a sanctuary dedicated to abused and abandoned big cats

If you’re a cat lover and love big cats, you’ve probably heard about Big, the largest accredited sanctuary for abused and abandoned big cats. The nonprofit organization was founded in 1992 and works to rescue these beautiful animals and provide them with permanent homes. Whether big cats are from the wild, domesticated pets, or even from fur farms, Big Cat Rescue is here to save them!

It is a non-profit educational sanctuary

Based in Tampa, Florida, Big Cat Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides permanent homes to rescued exotic cats. Founded by conservationist and animal lover Carole Baskin in 1992, this organization offers a safe haven to over 80 big cats. In 2003, the organization expanded to a larger facility, which includes an education center. The mission of Big Cat Rescue is to save the most exotic cats and to educate the public about the importance of their protection.

It is a social advocacy organization

Big Cat Rescue is a social advocacy organization that works to protect big cats from extinction. Founded in 2008, the nonprofit relies heavily on volunteer labor to care for big cats. Before the pandemic, it employed nearly two dozen people, and paid them a living wage comparable to the industry. While the organization relies heavily on volunteers to provide care for the animals, they hope to reinstate paid staff in the future.

It generates $4.39 million in sales

Big Cat Rescue Corp. is a non-profit organization based in Tampa, FL. It employs 82 people to care for its 50 resident big cats. Over the last five years, the organization has received more than $20 million in public support, including donations, admissions, and merchandise sales. Last year, it generated over $4.39 million in sales and spent $2,739,802 on the care of its cats. In addition to the sales, it donated $138,405 to various wildlife causes.

It is located in eastern Sarasota County, Florida

This animal sanctuary is home to big cats and many other types of wild animals. Whether you’re a nature lover or just curious about the animals you see here, you can visit during one of their seasonal hours. You can also volunteer your time, learn about their care, and even interact with the animals. However, you should check their hours before you visit! Listed below are the hours when they’re open for the general public.