When Do Cats Open Their Eyes?

when do cat open their eyes

When do cats open their eyes? This is a question that plagues feline owners everywhere. When do kittens open their eyes? What are the signs and causes of this behavior? What can you do to prevent it? These are only a few of the questions we’ll be discussing in this article. Knowing when to look for your cat’s eye opening is crucial to saving their life! Listed below are the most important things to know.


It’s kitten season, which means the shelters are filled with tiny new life. The lifeblood of any positive outcome is caring individuals, and knowing when cat opens their eyes can help you save one. Here are the basics you should know about the development of a kitten’s eyes. They will open around the second week of life. The first few months of life will be spent in darkness, but by the third week, your kitten will have blue eyes.


If your cat is opening their eyes, there are a few signs that you can look for. Cats with wide-open eyes show a level of trust and security. When you greet them, their pupils will naturally dilate. If your cat squints or holds their eyes closed, the eyes may be cloudy or have a discharge. A third eyelid may also cover the eyeball. It is inside the normal eyelids, but looks white and can spread over the cornea.


The eye is an incredibly delicate organ and should be examined by a veterinarian if you notice your cat squinting or opening their eyes. There are many different causes of cat eye discharge, and you should never try to force an eyelid to open – even if you think it’s funny! This will just result in further eye infection, and a more serious problem could even lead to blindness.


If you’re the owner of a new kitten, caring for your cat’s eyes during the first week is crucial. Although the mother cat did most of the work, a new kitten is helpless, and needs guidance in the first week. During these crucial weeks, your kitten will be an energetic bundle of fur, and will need your help in their development. Taking care of your cat’s eyes while they’re closed will help them grow into healthy, active cats.


When it comes to cleaning your cat’s eyes, you should use a non-irritating product. Vetericyn’s Antimicrobial Eye Wash and Ophthalmic Gel are gentle blends of antibacterial agents that are effective at removing debris and discharge from the eye of cats. Regular cleaning will prevent bacteria and other infection from building up inside the eye. The cleanliness of your cat’s eyes is essential for their overall health.