What Cat Breed is Garfield?

What Cat Breed is Garfield?

You’ve probably wondered, “What cat breed is Garfield?” If you’re not familiar with the famous comic strip character, he’s a mix of all the cats that Jim Davis grew up with. You’re not alone! There are lots of questions that you may have, but hopefully this article will help you answer that question. There are several different breeds of cats, including Turkish Angora and Tabby Persian.

Tabby Persian

The name Tabby Persian refers to the markings found on the fur of this type of cat. The cat’s M-shaped marking on its forehead makes it easy to recognize. The Tabby Persian cat breed was first popularized in the 20th century and is closely related to the famous cartoon character Garfield. The character was created by Jim Davis and was based on the real-life pet of Jim Davis, named Tiddles.

Ginger tabby

The ginger tabby cat breed is one of the most popular types of cats. The fur of a ginger tabby is orange and striped, and the breed is a favorite of many cat lovers. Although most people are aware that ginger tabbies are male, the color is not a reliable indicator of a cat’s temperament. A better indicator of a cat’s temperament is its breed. Heathcliff and Garfield are just two famous examples of ginger tabbies.

Exotic shorthair

There are many reasons to own an exotic shorthair cat. The breed is friendly, lovable, and easy to take care of. The exotic shorthair cat is a breed of cat that can live well in the city. These cats make excellent pets for both children and families. Because they are friendly and sociable, they are a good choice for families. Garfield was named for an American president with the same name.

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora cat breed is a very intelligent and playful feline. It is very active and enjoys climbing, playing, and moving around the house. They are also known for their high energy level and can jump on doors and bookcases. Although this breed is not particularly social, they do well with other cats and even dogs, but are not known to be overly affectionate. You can expect to have to give them a little training if you have children or don’t want to let them roam around on their own.

Ashera Cat

The Ashera Cat is one of the rarest domestic cat breeds. This large cat stands tall with long, pointed ears and leopard spots or tiger stripes. It weighs about 30 pounds and is estimated to live a long 25 years, which means you will need a large wallet to feed the cat for two decades! The Ashera is an affectionate cat, good with children, and leash-trained.


If you’re looking for a cat that has a similar personality to Garfield, consider a Snoopy. According to Snoopy’s mom, Snoopy loves to nap and eat. And like his famous cartoon counterpart, he has millions of fans around the world. This cute cat breed is a perfect match for those who enjoy the comic book and cartoons and want to own a pet that resembles their favorite cartoon character.