Symptoms and Causes of Female Cat in Heat

when female cat in heat

If you’re wondering if your cat is in heat, you’ve come to the right place. The following article details the Symptoms and Causes of female cat in heat. Finally, learn how to stop your cat from escaping to find a mate. Here are some tips for preventing your female cat from escaping to look for a mate. Continue reading to learn how to stop your cat from entering the male cat breeding cycle.

Changes in behavior

If you’ve ever noticed that your cat is acting out of character, it’s most likely because she’s in heat. She’ll often assume a mating position, placing her head down and raising her tail, and it may spray urine as part of her display of her desire to mate. These behaviors are all part of the cat’s effort to advertise her heat and attract males. Female cats also change their defecation habits, poop in places other than the litter box, which can be viewed as a calling card to males who want to mate.

You may notice that your cat rubs itself on people and objects and is excessively affectionate. She may also rub her hindquarters against people and objects, and she might even occasionally assume a mating position. Be sure to lock up any cat flaps and windows to prevent your pet from trying to sneak out of the house. And remember, your cat’s behavior is a sign that she’s in heat.


If you are wondering if your feline friend is in heat, there are several symptoms that may be a sign. One of the most noticeable signs is an increased vocalization from your cat. She may also want extra petting, roll around, and spray urine. She may be trying to make love, but instead is rubbing her genitals excessively. A bloody discharge from her vagina may also be a sign that she is in heat.

In addition to the bloody signs of pregnancy, your female cat may also exhibit some other behaviors. A typical heat cycle for a female cat lasts about a week. During this time, she is fertile and actively seeking a male to mate with. She may appear affectionate and cuddly, but she may also become aggressive or grumpy. She may also spray urine with a strong smell to attract male cats.


The most common signs of a female cat in heat are an increased meow, increased vocalization, and vaginal discharge. Your cat may be very affectionate, and even roll on the floor as she calls and urinates. In addition, your female cat may start spraying urine, or even go off its food. While it is rare, your cat may try to flee, especially if it is indoors.

Feline phantom pregnancy is also a common symptom of a female cat in heat. In this case, your female cat is trying to mate with another cat of the same sex, but there is no fetus. Thankfully, you can prevent unwanted pregnancies by neutering and spaying your female cat. However, if you notice your female cat bleeding from the vagina, you should take your feline to the vet for diagnosis and treatment.

Tips for preventing a female cat from escaping to look for a mate

Female cats that are in heat will attempt to escape from your home, gnawing at window screens or dashing out the door. If you do not want kittens, it is essential to keep your female cat inside, as she is much more likely to contract diseases from male cats than from you. To prevent your female cat from escaping, carefully select the male cats you use for breeding. A responsible breeder will carefully select males and breed them with queens, ensuring a purebred pedigree.

Females in heat become very excitable if there are tomcats in the vicinity. They are also at risk of pregnancy if they allow themselves to mate. To help prevent this, spay your cat before she reaches her first heat cycle. In addition, spaying your cat prevents unwanted kittens. You should also make sure that your cat is spayed, which is the only way to prevent her from escaping to look for a mate.