How to Tell If Your Cat is Loyal

Have you ever wondered if your cat is truly loyal? Cats are as loyal as dogs, but unlike dogs, cats have independent minds and sometimes sinister ideas. Yet cats share the same love and loyalty for their owners. Their history of domestication is quite different than that of dogs, and the cats retain more of their wild instincts. Here are some signs that your cat is truly loyal. Read on to learn more! Let’s take a closer look.

They sleep with you

Despite the stereotype that cats are independent creatures, they are very likely to stay with their humans at night. It may be tempting for cats to sleep on your bed, but if you are not a heavy sleeper, sleeping with your cat can cause problems. Here are the benefits of sleeping with your cat:

They rub their heads on you

Do cats rub their heads on you to be loyal? According to Dr. Nicholas Dodman, emeritus professor at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, they do so to make you aware of their presence. Using the glands in their face, cats can leave scent markings and alert other cats to their presence. Cats may rub their faces on you to communicate with you, but this behavior may also serve other purposes.

They recognize your scent

Do cats recognize your scent? The answer to this question is yes. Cats use scent to communicate with other felines and humans. Cats deposit scents onto their skin and clothes when they play, socialize, or groom. As a result, they know which scents belong to you, and they approach you when they recognize your scent. These scents are also a sign of loyalty and a familiar environment.

They rely on you for security

Dogs rely on their owners for security and comfort, but cats don’t. According to a recent study, cats do not have the same sense of security. Dogs, by contrast, form attachments with their owners, and cats are no different. They form a sense of safety when they are around people, much like humans do. Researchers at the University of Lincoln said this research could be helpful for cat owners.

They display emotional attachment to you

A recent study revealed that nearly two-thirds of cats display a high degree of emotional attachment to their owners. However, these cats do not always display affection and may not express it to you. This is likely because cats once had to compete with other creatures for scarce resources and did not have the capacity to love. However, this may change now that cats have more access to humans and other pets. So, can cats display emotional attachment to their owners?

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