How to Stop Cat Jumping on Tables

How to Stop Cat Jumping on Tables

Punishment can be a common solution to the problem of your cat jumping on tables, but it can do more harm than good. It will only make your cat jump on tables even more, and punishing your cat will only create a fear in him or her, which can be difficult to regain. Punishment can also make your cat afraid of you, which can make it more difficult to get along with your pet in the future.

Sticky tape

One way to discourage your cat from jumping on your table is to cover it with sticky tape. The tape will be difficult to remove and can damage counters, so it should only be used on surfaces that will be safe for your cat. Sticky tape works well as a temporary solution, but you shouldn’t leave it on for too long. If you want your cat to learn to avoid your table, you can purchase a scratching post that will teach him not to jump on the table.

Another method is to use a plastic place mat as a deterrent. Use double-sided tape to adhere the placemat to the table’s surface. When not in use, keep the place mat out of the way. If you’re not using it, your cat will soon learn to avoid the sticky mat. However, you must make sure that you remove it every time you use the table. Otherwise, it will just pounce and hurt your cat.

Citrus odors

You can keep your table clean by spraying it with lemon juice or some other citrus-scented cleaner. Cats are generally not fond of strong odors, and they will not jump on it if it smells citrusy. Also, you can place some citrus peels in your potted plants to repel cats. But make sure you put these in porous containers, as citrus peels are toxic to cats.

Another great way to keep cats off your table is to place citrus-scented items around your home. Citrus fruits are generally repugnant to cats, but the smell of orange peels is even more repulsive. You can use the same techniques to keep them away from your garden. Citrus scents are especially effective in deterring cats from chewing on furniture and fabrics. Cats can also get sick from the citrus plant material, which they find disgusting and repulsive.

Sticky mats

One way to prevent your cat from hopping on the table is to cover it with a place mat. You can use a piece of plastic carpet runner or double-sided adhesive tape to prevent your cat from jumping on the table. You can also put plastic place mats on top of tables when not in use. Then, remove them whenever you need to prepare food. Afterwards, just repeat the process.

For more effective results, you can also cover the counter with large pieces of sticky tape. This is an effective deterrent for cats, because they don’t like sticky surfaces. Double-sided sticky tape can be applied to countertops. You can buy large rolls or adhesive sheets. These mats won’t hinder your preparation work and will also create an unpleasant landing strip for your cat. The best thing about this solution is that it is effective even if you don’t have a place mat for the entire table.

Prickly surfaces

A simple method to stop your cat from jumping on prickly surfaces is by covering the area with aluminum foil or plastic carpet liners. Cats do not like bumpy surfaces, and these items will deter them from jumping on them. If your cat persists in jumping on the surface, you can also use a noise-making toy, like a shaker can. Make sure you don’t let your cat see you making the noise, or you may end up punishing your pet for jumping on the surface.

Another great solution is to use plastic knives or forks, placed pointy sides up, on the floor. Alternatively, you can use a clinging carpet mat upside down on the area where your cat jumps. Cats are great jumpers, and this will help discourage them from snatching the surface, making them less inclined to jump. This method can also be adapted to fit any home, including your office.