How to Stop Cat Jumping on Counter

How to Stop Cat Jumping on Counter

how to stop cat jumping on counter

Here are some ways to get your cat to stay off your counter: Placemats, Booby traps, Spraying essential oils, and not feeding your cat on the counter. Then, reward him or her when he does something good, such as playing fetch on the floor. Eventually, your cat will associate the ground with good things, and you’ll no longer have to deal with your frantic feline escaping from a chasing child or dog.


Placing a plastic placemat on the counter may seem like an obvious solution, but cats find countertops to be highly social places, and they want to know what you’re doing and where you’re getting your food. Instead of having your counter covered in cat hair, consider using double-sided tape to secure your placemat. Place the mats on the counter when you’re not using them. Then simply remove them when you’re ready to use the counter again. Eventually, your cat will stop attempting to jump on them, so you can remove them and move them to another place.

Booby traps

While you’re trying to figure out how to stop cat jumping on counter, you may have heard of booby traps. Booby traps are mild punishments for cats that are placed in areas that they don’t normally explore. You can also use a tray made out of aluminum foil or cling film and fill it with water. You can also place a springing device like a shake can nearby. Your cat will likely avoid the surface, as the noise will scare it off.

Spraying essential oils

Essential oils are an excellent way to deter your cat from bouncing up on counters. To use them, simply mix 20 to 30 drops of the essential oil with a quarter cup of water. Different cats respond differently to these solutions, but a 45 drop concentration is generally safe. You can purchase pure lavender oil from Sun Essential Oils. Alternatively, you can buy a cotton ball and soak it in the solution. Sprinkle the cotton ball on the counter where your cat jumps.

Refraining from feeding your cat on the counter

You may have noticed that your cat is constantly jumping up on the counter for food. This is because cats like to be on high places where they can spot the food. This is especially dangerous for a cat because it may not know what’s good for it. Cats also jump up to keep away from curious dogs and other cats. By avoiding feeding your cat on the counter, you can prevent this behavior from occurring.

Changing the times you feed your cat

One way to stop a cat from leaping on a counter is to change the times you feed it. By doing so, you’ll reduce the temptation for your cat to climb and beg on the counter. This tactic is more effective than a complete ban on your cat’s behavior. Cats also need interactive playtime, so changing the times you feed your cat may help curb their impulsive behavior.

Using aluminum foil as a deterrent

Using aluminum foil on the counter may be an effective deterrent. Cats hate the rustling sound it makes when it touches the foil. They are likely to jump back to the floor when they hear it. If you’re having trouble getting your cat to stop jumping on the counter, consider using citrus fruit peels or baking sheets instead. These materials are both easy to clean and create a sound when touched.