How to Quiet a Cat in Heat

The first step in treating a kitty during heat is to find a place where your cat feels comfortable. If possible, provide a quiet area where your cat can curl up and hide. If necessary, add a heating pad to keep your cat comfortable. Some people use catnip or pheromone products to help their kitty relax. Alternatively, you can try giving your cat a warm bath.

Herbal remedies

Herbal remedies for quieting a cat during heat can be a great alternative to pharmaceutical medications. While these remedies can help, they are not dangerous or expensive. Listed below are three effective herbs that you can give your cat during heat stress. Sweet basil is a plant native to the Pacific Islands. It is an aromatic plant with calming properties, and its extract is used in supplements. Sweet basil is also believed to relieve stress and anxiety in cats.


During the cat’s heat cycle, the feline body produces more stress and aggression, which can make a cat more aggressive and prone to destructive behavior. These behaviors can be managed by offering your feline friend extra outlets, such as toys. Playing with your cat can distract him from unwanted behavior and also provide him with much-needed physical and mental exercise. Your feline friend will be happier and calmer at the end of a long game of fetch or laser-dot cat toy. You can also give your feline friend some new toys during this time, which can wear him out and help him fall asleep more peacefully.


During playtime, your kitten may be particularly active and need extra attention to stay calm and relaxed. Give him or her puzzle feeders or catnip-filled toys. It may also like a heating pad to relax and get out some of his energy. You must be careful with the temperature, however, as too-hot heating pads can hurt your kitten. Try to limit your cat’s playtime to 15 to 30 minutes per day.

Heating pads

While a heating pad may sound like an ideal solution for keeping a cat cool, they are not as effective as you think, and they can actually cause serious health problems. To avoid this, make sure to read the manufacturer’s specifications carefully and test the heating pad on a cat’s body before purchasing it. Make sure that the heating pad is a safe twelve-volt system to avoid burning the cat’s skin.


If you find your cat is in heat, it’s time to consider cloistering. This method involves isolating your cat from other cats, and allowing it to spend three to five days alone. If possible, isolate your cat for a few days, and then try to introduce it back to its usual surroundings. Cloistering to quiet a cat in heat can save your sanity and ensure that your kitty has a peaceful, safe environment to sleep in.