How to Give a Cat Liquid Medication

How to Give a Cat Liquid Medication

To administer liquid medication to your cat, you will need to know how to handle a syringe. You can insert the syringe through the side of the cat’s mouth, in the cheek pouch. Once the medication has been squirted into your cat’s mouth, remove the syringe and hold it near its mouth. Gently rub its throat or blow its nostrils to encourage your cat to swallow the medicine.

Wet food

There are many different reasons to give your cat liquid medications. Liquids can be administered via syringe, but your cat is more likely to take medication when it is at room temperature, so you will want to make sure that it’s not too cold or too hot. While liquid medication is often not as attractive as dry food, warm wet food may be more appealing. In addition, you can warm the medication by holding the syringe in your hand for a few minutes or by dipping it into warm water.


If you need to administer medicine to your cat, you may be wondering how to syringe it without hurting it. Cats can’t take medicine in a mixed meal and therefore you need to syringe it instead. It’s a little tricky to give liquid medication to a cat, but with a little practice, you can make it a painless experience for both you and your kitty.

Wrapping your cat in a towel

To wrap your kitty in a towel, place it several inches from the front edge of the towel. Make sure the towel reaches all the way to the bottom of your cat’s head, and use one hand to gently pull the front edge up and under her neck. Once the towel is wrapped around her body, you can place a small amount of liquid medication inside.

Trimming your car’s nails

Before you can start giving your cat liquid medication, you must first trim your cat’s nails. You can see how to do it in this video from a veterinarian. If you don’t have a clipper, you can use a clean water syringe. You must give your cat plenty of affection after administering each dose. This procedure can take as little as a minute.

Using a blanket

Wrapping a blanket around your cat can make the process of administering liquid medication easier. Wrap the blanket around your cat and place it in a quiet room. Spray Feliway or another calming pheromone spray into the cat’s nose and mouth. If necessary, use the syringe from the vet’s office. Wrapping the blanket around your cat will make it feel more secure, and you can also have someone hold the blanket to make the process more comfortable.