How Much Do Cat Shots Cost at PetSmart?

How Much Do Cat Shots Cost at PetSmart?

How much do cat shots cost at PetSmart? You can expect to pay at least $55 for your feline friend’s annual physical exam, but this cost can vary from store to store. Vaccination is one of the most important ways to protect your cat from disease. Vaccinations should be started in the first few weeks of your cat’s life, and should continue throughout its lifetime. These vaccinations protect your cat against several dangerous diseases.

Canine Influenza vaccine not required

There are many different vaccines available for canines. A dog needs one or two shots for the annual booster and the canine influenza vaccine is a necessary part of this. The vaccine is given once a year and is recommended for dogs that spend most of their time outdoors or in an environment where there are other dogs. The vaccine includes two strains of canine influenza, which require a 2-vaccine series to keep your dog protected.

Canine Leukemia vaccine

Purchasing a Canine Leukemia vaccine at PetsMart is an easy, affordable way to protect your dog from this deadly disease. The clinic is open on weekends, and clients book appointments ahead of time. Depending on the clinic location, there are two different types of annual shots available. All prices are in USD. The clinic also accepts payments online, so you can avoid waiting in a long line.

Feline Leukemia vaccine

The cost of Feline Leukemia vaccination at Petsmart is about $30. It is recommended that cats living outdoors receive the vaccine. However, if they are exposed to other cats, they may need additional vaccinations. A chlamydophila vaccine is also recommended if the area is known to have a high incidence of the disease. Feline leukemia vaccination is also recommended for cats who come into contact with outdoor cats.

Feline Leptospirosis vaccine

The cost of Feline Leptospirosis vaccination at Petsmart varies. Some locations require a reservation and some do not. You must visit the clinic at least four weeks prior to the vaccination date. Vaccines can save your pet from the painful effects of the disease. You can also get a booster shot at a later date. However, you should be aware of the possible complications.

Feline Boostrix vaccine

The cost of a Feline Boostrix vaccine at PetSmart varies depending on the location. Most vaccinations are administered at eight weeks of age, and include the DAPP vaccine against Parvovirus, Adenovirus (Hepatitis-2), and Distemper. Rabies vaccination is given once a year and is injected under the skin and into a muscle. Boostrix costs around $11 per dose, and this vaccine protects your cat for up to one year.