How Long Do Cat Zoomies Last?

How Long Do Cat Zoomies Last?

how long do cat zoomies last

If you are having problems with post-potty zoomies in your cat, you’re not alone. This behavior can lead to anxiety, discord in the home, and sleep problems. If you can’t figure out why your cat is acting out, it may be due to a physical problem. To help you figure out why, here are some signs to look for. Read on to discover how to get your pet to stop acting out.

Post-potty zoomies

What causes cat zoomies? It is unknown for certain, but some experts believe that a cat’s bowel movements are triggered by the vagus nerve, just as ours are when we defecate. As a result, a cat may be frantically running around the house. Similarly, your cat may make strange noises such as screeches and meows. In such a case, you should take your cat to a veterinarian immediately.


A cat’s manic phase can be a sign that something is wrong. You should check the litter box and call a vet if your cat seems anxious. Taking the cat for playtime can help relieve the stress and let your cat release pent-up energy. It’s also a good idea to schedule these sessions before bedtime to give your cat time to cool off before bedtime. Listed below are tips to help you know how long your cat is experiencing the cat’s manic phase.

Discord in the home

You have probably heard the term FRAPs (Frenetic Random Activity Periods), but it really means something else. Zoomies is a more descriptive term. It describes a cat’s uncontrollable, fast-paced behavior. It’s best to use the term as a starting point for discussions with your veterinarian. If you’re not sure which term to use, here are a few tips:

Sleep patterns

Unlike dogs, cats don’t necessarily wake up at any particular time, so their behavior is unpredictable. However, their sleep patterns do match the schedule of most humans. These creatures are nocturnal, and they do most of their hunting at dusk or after sunset. These behaviors make them easy to recognize in humans, and they can even help you understand why your cat acts strangely during the night. A cat’s sleeping habits can be influenced by environmental factors, such as mice, which are most active during the late afternoon and early evening.


Your pet may be experiencing the infamous exercise cat zoomies and you may be wondering how to get your furry friend out of it. Well, zoomies are a normal part of cat behavior, and some people may associate them with under-stimulation. But your pet needs exercise, play, and attention as a young cat. Cats are natural hunters, so their high levels of energy are instinctual. Here’s how to get your pet outside and active again.