How Keep Cat Away From Christmas Tree

how keep cat away christmas tree

If you’re wondering how to keep cat off of Christmas tree, you may be interested to know that there are several ways you can prevent it. While many methods involve using fences and aluminum foil, others rely on Scent deterrents and unplugging the cords. If you’re looking for tips to keep your Christmas tree away from your cat, read on! The best way to keep your Christmas tree out of your cat’s reach is to put it in a special room where it’s not accessible.


To avoid a potentially disastrous situation, you can use a Christmas Tree Defender, a cat repellent that blocks the entrance to the tree. This device is easy to install and will prevent your cat from climbing up the tree. A Christmas Tree Defender will also prevent your cat from accessing other parts of the tree, such as ornaments and electrical cords. Cats can jump five feet or more vertically, and the fence will also prevent them from using it as a launch pad to reach other parts of the tree.

Aluminum foil

For those of you with a real Christmas tree, you may want to consider keeping your feline friend out of it this season. Although a Christmas tree is the epitome of a Christmas decoration, cats tend to enjoy playing with its decorations and ornaments. You can prevent them from accessing this water source by covering the base of your tree with aluminum foil. The foil will prevent them from accessing the water and the pine oils, which are toxic to cats. Another way to prevent cats from stealing your decorations is to secure ornaments with twine or wire.

Scent deterrents

To keep a cat from destroying your Christmas tree, you can spray it with a deterrent. You can use these deterrents on your tree, ornaments, and even electrical cords. However, be sure to use a specific cat deterrent spray to avoid any ingredients that could irritate your cat. You can also spray it on a rag and wipe it over your tree. The rag can then be used to spray your cat, which is likely to feel uncomfortable.

Unplugging cords

When putting up a Christmas tree, there are several precautions that you can take to avoid your feline friend from chewing on the lights. For starters, try to place ornaments higher up on the tree, preferably toward the center of the tree. Also, keep in mind that cats can chew on the wires hanging from your Christmas tree, so make sure that you unplug the lights when not in use.

Rewarding your cat for staying at the tree

Rewarding your cat for staying at the top of the Christmas tree may sound like an impossibility, but it will actually keep him from being as destructive as he is often prone to be. Cats can be quite curious, and even play around it at times, so reward him for remaining calm and at the top of the tree. But to make it effective, you must first ensure that your cat is physically active. This will ensure that he is too tired at night to be naughty.