How Cats Drink Water

We all know cats love water, but do we know how they actually drink it? Cats drink water with a variety of ways. They use their tongues, their paws, and even ice cubes! Read on to learn more about how cats drink water. Listed below are the most common methods. Let us look at them in more detail. We may even have a new favorite cat water drink recipe after reading this article.

Using their tongues

Dogs and cats use their tongues to drink water, and they’re much messier than cats, but both animals use their tongues to consume liquids. Cats, for example, create a column of liquid under their tongue and pool it in their skin grooves. Dogs, on the other hand, create cups on their tongues and funnel it into their mouths. Scientists used high-speed cameras to measure fluid dynamics and tongue movements in both animals and humans.

Using their paws

Several reasons can be attributed to the way that cats drink water. It may be that the water bowls used by humans are not the right shape for cats. Alternatively, cats might prefer the paw-shaped bowls because they won’t experience pressure when using their paws. In any case, cats are highly intelligent and have this habit from an early age. So, if you’re curious to know why cats use their paws to drink water, read on.

From running water

One of the mysteries of feline behavior is how cats drink water from running faucets. These cats have incredible night vision, and while they can’t see anything in front of them, they are able to detect the sound of water running. This makes it easier for cats to spot the water in their bowls and may even feel more comfortable drinking from running faucets than from still ones. Here are some common ways to encourage your cat to drink water from running faucets.

From ice cubes

Putting ice cubes in your cat’s water bowl can make them enjoy drinking water more. Because cats tend to be more heat tolerant than dogs, ice can actually make a cat feel cooler. However, you must ensure that your cat drinks only water that is cold and free from contaminants. If you are worried about your cat eating ice, you can simply replace it with crushed ice instead.

From a bowl

How cats drink water from a bowl is a fascinating feat of cat science. Their elaborate drinking mechanism involves flicking up a liquid jet with their tongues. This evades gravity for a brief period, so the liquid reaches the cat’s chin. Cats know how to drink perfectly, says Pedro Reis, co-author of the study. But there is more to this complex process. To understand how cats drink water from a bowl, we must first understand how the cats do it.

From other sources

While cats do not need to drink from a food bowl every single time, they are likely to drink from other sources more often. It might be that they do not like the bowl provided by their owners and prefer to drink at a different point. Alternatively, they might be bored with their regular bowl and enjoy playing with water. Regardless of the reason, cats usually need a source of water, but many cats prefer water bowls placed far away from feeding sites.

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