4 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

If you’re still wondering why cats are better than dogs, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 4 reasons:

4 reasons why cats are better than dogs

Unlike dogs, cats don’t require regular grooming sessions. Instead, they simply lick themselves clean to remove dirt. Cats have long been considered deities in Egypt, with the goddess Bastet, the god of war and protection, and the goddess Sekhmet, the goddess of hunting and healing. During the ancient Egyptian civilization, cats were even thought to blow Egypt into existence. Some fascinating cat facts include these:

They’re more independent

Dogs are attention-seeking and needy, while cats are independent and aloof. While dogs may be friendly and get along with almost everyone, cats are more aloof and independent. A cat may not mind being alone, but if you live with dogs, you should expect to deal with constant nagging and fussing from your cat. Cats can be very destructive, however.

They’re cleaner

The fact that cats lick their bodies makes them cleaner than dogs. They have smaller mouths, which means less bacteria and germs to worry about. Cats also don’t get teeth brushing as easily as dogs do. That’s because cats have barbs on their tongues that remove dead skin and loose hair. That means cats are cleaner than dogs – but only to a point. Even worse, they may still get dirt and parasites on their paw pads.

They’re more affectionate

Some people think cats are more affectionate than dogs, but that is not necessarily true. They are not genetically programmed to be affectionate; they simply treat people like other cats. While scientists have yet to discover the exact behaviors that indicate that a cat is more affectionate, they do know that dogs shower their owners with affection, while cats show affection more for their unique owners. Regardless of their differences, the fact remains that both animals are highly affectionate, but dogs show their love in different ways.

They’re better hunters

A recent study in the journal PNAS reveals that cats are more effective hunters than dogs. The research analyzed over two thousand ancient fossils from prehistoric times to determine that cats were better at hunting than dogs were. Apparently, cats are better at close-range vision and have more focus. In fact, some domestic cats were even better athletes than big cats. It’s no surprise that cats are better hunters. This study suggests that dogs have been outcompeted by cats for centuries.

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